Full Care Induction/mandatory training

We can deliver a bespoke induction training package which is tailored to your company’s needs and also, where necessary, to a specific role within your company. The course covers all aspects of care work and meets the fundamental standards giving workers a good basis from which they can develop their knowledge and skills to work in the field of care. You can also choose to use us to support the knowledge and learning within the care certificate which is a requirement for some local authorities and is seen a best practice with CQC.

We ensure that everyone has an opportunity to learn, develop and understand the requirements within care to ensure they have the tools to provide a positive, inclusive and person centered approach along with facilitating the growth and retention of your team.

We can also assist with The Care Certificate  standards. There is a knowledge basis to the qualification that will be taught as part of induction and specific training. There is also a competency basis to the qualification which as a service we can offer to complete as a package. As we are aware of the difficulties time can have on being able to go out and complete detailed observations. However, you will need to provide the certificate and sign off the care certificate. We will provide all the training materials.

Understand your role
Your personal development
Duty of care
Equality and diversity
Work in a person centred way
Privacy and dignity
Fluids and nutrition
Awareness of mental health, dementia and learning disabilities
Safeguarding adults
Safeguarding children
Basic life support
Health and safety
Handling information
Infection prevention and control
Moving & Handling*
*These are additional modules over and above the 15 standards set out by Skills for Care.

“CQC expects providers to induct, support and train their staff appropriately. In our guidance for providers on how to meet the regulations, we are explicit about our expectation that those who employ health care support workers and adult social care workers should be able to demonstrate that staff have, or are working towards, the skills set out in the Care Certificate, as the benchmark for staff induction.”

Why choose us?

Attention to Care is passionate about providing the care industry with highly trained and qualified individuals. We will help you on your journey to success and will be there every step of the way to ensure you are well equipped with the right tools for your trade.

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