Dementia Care Training

If you need guidance, support or formal training regarding Dementia then try our Dementia care training. Whether you are a care provider, care worker or family carer this training could provide you with the knowledge to enable you to understand the uniqueness within the Dementia journey. We don’t want to place everyone in the same box, we need to understand the uniqueness of people living with Dementia and how we can enable them to live a meaningful life. Part of the training is to ensure the individuals autonomy is maintained and where we might require more intervention that we do this with Human Rights and Mental Capacity laws in mind. The training will cover:

  • Diseases associated with Dementia
  • Signs/symptoms of Dementia
  • The common changes that occurring
  • How to overcome behaviours of concern
  • How you can provide meaningful support throughout the journey

Where there is a need for discussing specifics for your business we can bespoke the training to your needs.

Why choose us?

Attention to Care is passionate about providing the care industry with highly trained and qualified individuals. We will help you on your journey to success and will be there every step of the way to ensure you are well equipped with the right tools for your trade.

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